Damiano Nigro

Damiano Nigro

Cleanliness, simplicity, elegant taste. Tradition evolves and meets haute cuisine without losing its nature, respecting three fundamental elements: quality ingredients, seasonality and avoiding waste.

This is Damiano Nigro’s cuisine, a Michelin-starred chef heading the kitchen of Palás Cerequio. Nigro hails from Apulia, carrying a humble past from the family farm and a long apprenticeship with the great masters of modern cuisine - Marchesi, Ducasse, Crippa - from whom he acquired the curiosity to experiment while fully respecting the raw material.

Evolutionary cuisine

Nigro’s cuisine is capable of changing in a slow and steady manner without straining or forcing anything, always mindful of the quality of the raw materials and observing their seasonality.

A rigorous philosophy expressed in extremely formal and elegant dishes, consistent yet surprising, capable of capturing the essence of the Langhe using the universal language of great cuisine.

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The restaurant

Lunch and dinner service at the restaurant is also available to external visitors of Palás Cerequio. Guests can dine on the terrace when the weather is good and enjoy one of the most enchanting views of the Barolo hills.

Closed on: Mondays and Tuesday at lunch

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Focusing on experiencing great wines, apericrus are an exciting chance to simply and immediately taste the most important denominations in Piedmont: selected Barolo and Barbaresco wines from our collection, with particular attention to the producers who have written their history.

How does Apericru work?

Apericrus are available at any time of day. Choose one of the great bottles from Palás’ cellars with our sommelier Roberto Stroppiana or just get yourself a glass served with Coravin and let chef Damiano Nigro complete the experience with his pairings of Piedmontese tapas. Apericrus can be enjoyed at the Caveau, on the terrace or by the pool.